Top Questions That Buyers Should Ask Their Bend Realtors

If you decide to hire a Bend realtor to find you a home to buy, you want to ensure that they are the best real estate professional who can handle your needs. You also want to find out the types of services they provide, and how they handle negotiations so you feel comfortable that they are working in your best interests. Before hiring the agent, here are some top questions to ask them.

Do You Work on a Team?

This question doesn’t necessary make or break the hiring process. Yet it is good to find out whether you will be strictly working with one realtor, or occasionally speaking with another agent on their team. By having a team of agents, they may be able to find a home faster that is in your price range. A downside to working with more than one real estate professional is that you may not speak with the same person all the time. There are both pros and cons to this situation, as you have to decide for yourself on whether you want to work strictly with a single realtor or with a team of professionals.

How Long Have You Been Selling Real Estate in Bend, Oregon?

There is no magic number in regards to the years of experience a realtor should have in your chosen market location. Bend Oregon Realtors who are just starting out may have exceptional knowledge and sales performance. Just keep in mind that a more experienced realtor who has several years under their belt may be the better choice as they have the experience to overcome any issues that might appear.

How Many Clients Are You Representing Now?

Some realtors love being busy and can work well under pressure, as they may have many clients at the moment that they are helping out. However, a Bend realtor that is swamped with clients may not have enough time to give you the right amount of attention. If a realtor is working with 15 other buyers and they are doing all the work alone, it might be better to look for someone who has a freer schedule. Yet you should also watch out for realtors who barely have any clients, as this may indicate a lack of experience or knowledge.

How Do You Communicate with Clients?

With the vast number of communication devices available, it shouldn’t be hard to get in touch with your realtor or to get timely updates. Speak with your realtor about the best way to get in touch with them, whether it is by phone, email or text message. Then decide on the number of updates that would be suitable to send to each other.

Once you find the right Bend realtor, you will have peace of mind that they are working to their fullest potential in finding you the right home. Use the above questions when you decide it is time to purchase a home in the Bend, Oregon region.

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