Few Safety Tips for Using A Table Saw

It is quite common to find a table saw in a workshop and it is probably one of the most commonly used woodworking machines. However, it was found to be one of the most dangerous machines too, as there are possibilities of debilitating injuries to occur while using Dewalt dw745 table saw, as compared to any other kind of woodworking power tool.

Does that mean that you can never use any table saw in a safe manner? Certainly not. If you take some precautions, then a woodworker can reduce the possibility of any kind of injury considerably while using any table saw. Here we are providing few safety tips that every woodworker must keep in mind before using any table saw.

Wear safety equipment

While using any power tools using safety equipment is absolutely compulsory. Never forget to wear safety glasses and also hearing protection. Also, appropriate clothing is very important. Wearing loose neckties, fitting clothing and jewellery should be avoided while using any table saw.

Maintain the area clean

Ensure that the table and its surrounding areas are clear of stock and excess sawdust. Such things can obstruct or affect your ability to make safe and clean cuts.

Check safety features

Before starting your work make sure that all the safety features of the saw are functioning properly.

Avoid using outfeed tables/stands

When you need to cut any large stock pieces then position an outfeed table/stand for supporting the stock. Using such help will ensure cutting to be more stable and easier to complete.

Before changing blade always disconnect power

Always disconnect the power supply to the saw, prior to changing the blade or making any kind of internal adjustments on your table saw.

Never start the saw while the blade is engaged

Make sure that the blade is freely spinning and not at all engaged in the stock while starting the saw.

Maintain a good position

When you are working with table saw then you should maintain a good position so that you are in good balance. Also, you should not stand directly facing the blade. In case, any kickback occurs then the stock will not kick back into your body but will slide past your midsection.

Never reach over a moving blade

While the blade is in moving condition, you should never reach or do any blade adjustments or make any fence. Prefer to wait until the blade stops completely before reaching or making any kind of adjustment.

Use proper inserts

While using a table saw, always do proper zero-clearance of blade inserts. When you are using any stacked dado blade, use proper insert. Without a blade insert, your piece of stock may fall into the saw-cabinet and it can become a projectile.

Never free-hand a cut

When using your table saw, you should never attempt any free-hand cut. Instead, prefer to use fence or meter gauge to guide the stock. However, ensure that the meter gauge and fence should never be used simultaneously.

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