All You Need To Know About The Zero Gravity Position

The term zero gravity position refers to the position of the chair in which the chair is tilted towards the back and the legs are lifted upwards above the level of the heart. It helps in giving a feeling of weightlessness, i.e. it makes you relieve of all your weight and helps you relax your body. It has multi-fold benefits as it improves the blood circulation of the body and is also useful in reducing ulcers in the body. This proves to be really helpful in improving the functioning of the lung.

 The concept of Zero Gravity

In 1960’s, NASA sent many astronauts into the outer space to study and examine the universe. As more and more astronauts spent more time in outer universe, it was observed that it is having adverse effects on their health. The astronauts had to deal with muscle wastage, unexpected weight loss and a reduction in the density of the bone. Eventually, the zero-gravity concept was developed in order to cure the health of the astronauts and continue sending them into outer space for researches without having adverse effects on their health.

Benefits to your muscles

The massage chairs merge the combination of massage with the zero-gravity position for an improved stress relief. The zero-gravity position helps in the equal weight distribution in your body and limit the tension on various body parts. With the reduction in tension in the muscles, the muscles get relaxed much more and the healing process gets boosted up. Our muscles get tired out with the advent of our age, hence it is necessary to make sure that the stress on your bones and muscles cope up with our age and both go well in coordination with each other.

Better blood circulation

As the legs are raised above the level of the heart, the blood runs much faster in the body and the efficiency of the body increases. The heart’s atrium receives the toxic blood containing carbon dioxide and therefore, the ventricle does not have to supply the blood at a faster rate for reoxygenation in the lungs. The oxygen reaches to the blood cells at a faster rate and therefore, the reperfusion process becomes much faster.

Benefits to lungs

The functioning of the lungs is dependent upon the functioning of the organs surrounding them. It is affected by the diaphragm, the muscle that helps in the expanding of the chest. When the lungs are filled with air, the diaphragm allows expansion of the lungs, while on the chair and this in turn improves the functioning of the organs. The more we expand the lungs, the better they function as more and more oxygen can be supplied by them into our body.


Having the sleep chairs with the zero-gravity function in them can help you relieve all the stress and boost the health and performance of your body. It has varied health benefits and could prove to be a great aid to your body and its functioning.

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