All That You Must Know About Bone Conduction

You can accomplish many things by using headphones however the most important thing that you have to think is how much it can motivate you. Music can elicit positive mood and hence beneficial when we workout or busy with certain productive work. No matter what you may be doing, music will keep you motivated and also set your mood. The problem is that, sometimes you may need to hear something outside of it as well, so headphones may become counterproductive. This is when bone conduction can be a better solution.

Most of us are familiar with the purpose of headphones, but not many of you are perhaps familiar with how its sound works. At a fundamental level, sound can be defined as vibrations which travel through air, which cause vibration in our eardrums in a way that our cochlea can interpret it. Keeping this thing in mind, it is perfect to use bone conduction headphones. This can sit just in front of our ear and keep sending vibrations through the bones in our face. Those vibrations may travel to our inner ear and we can hear sound.

There are few benefits of using any bone conduction headphones however it will be good to know whether they are equally safe too. Also, you need to know how they really work so that you can ensure that they are right for you. To know more about benefits of bone conduction just read this article.


You must be aware that listening to any kind of loud music or sound for a long time may cause hearing loss. This is because, as our eardrums vibrate, our eardrum may get damaged. Bone conduction headphones can act as our eardrums and will send the vibrations through to our cochlea. As the cochlear interprets all the vibrations and we hear sound.


Since headphones can act as our eardrums, so we can free up our eardrums in order to vibrate separately. This means while we are listening to any music, we still can hear what is going on around us. During certain activities, this may be of great use.


Comparatively children’s ears are much more sensitive to sound and also listening to loud music and that can affect their hearing. By using bone conduction headphones, your children can listen to music at safe decibel levels. Thus, it is one of very safe ways for young children to listen to any music and can be is a very healthy living tip for them.

While on the move

Sometimes, exercising and at the same time having noise concealing headphones can be a great way to increase motivation. However, that may sometime be dangerous however depending on where you are doing exercise. If you are on treadmill at the gym, then it is fine. However, if you are on morning jogging or evening bike ride, then you should be careful about your surroundings, so that you remain safe. By using bone conduction headphones, it is possible to hear that a car is coming up just behind you or you can hear any warning from any bystander of a possible mis-step.

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