Ideal Places to Install Motion Detectors And Ensure Complete Protection Of Your Home!

Motion detectors are most commonly included in the monitored home security systems. In fact, they are very much important to ensure complete security of your family and property.

The ADT motion sensors are the best burglar deterrent that can completely protect even high-traffic regions of your home without any special efforts. However, here the most crucial thing to think about when installing them is where you can actually place them. After all, its location can make a great difference in its overall effectiveness and placing them in just any random place can ruin the actual purpose of having them. So, let’s explore the right places to position the motion detectors, so it can make ultimate sense!

In a right corner                   

When it comes to the most effective placements for the motion detectors, the corner of the room having view of each of the entry points can be a perfect place. The sensor can easily monitor the surroundings without obstructing anything. It can offer most coverage here. Moreover, if it is placed high in corner of room, the intruder may even fail to notice or even reach it.

Behind your valuable stuffs

Burglars are especially there at your place for your goods, isn’t it? So, you can think about placing motion sensor behind your valuable things like computers, TV, or jewelry. You can even set it on equipment itself like the wall behind the costly things or on back of TV. When the burglar will try moving the object, sensor will notice that the relevant item is missing and then it will trigger an alarm.


Most of the burglars try entering the home through basement. So, make sure sticking some sensors there to allow them keep a watch over door and windows. Basements may sometimes get cluttered, so ensure keeping the sensors high where they can monitor clearly. You can even add one near staircase of hallway to catch them even before they make it to main floor.

Great tips to make the motion sensors effective

  • Motion detectors work their best when intruder walks past it than walking towards it. So, make sure to find suitable walls where the intruder would likely walk in parallel in your home.
  • Avoid placing motion detectors near the appliances or areas that tend to fluctuate in the temperature like air vent or furnace. Sometimes, the air vents may cause them going off due to drastic increase or decrease in the temperature when you may run the heater.
  • Few motion detectors that are placed well can offer great additional security. Apart from the entry points, you can even consider placing them on ceiling, second floor bedrooms, on patio, and so forth.
  • You can make use of screws and drill to mount sensors in the wall and keeping them away from heat source.
  • Ensure to follow all installation instructions properly that come with the sensor.

The above tips are surely going to help you in installing the motion detectors in a much better way. You can always call the expert professionals in case you need any kind of additional advice or help!

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