Different Kinds of Rugs to Be Included in Bohemian Style Décor

Bohemian room includes handmade items, family heirlooms, and things from your travel. Each accessory tells a story, so you can feature maps, vintage bottles, mismatched China or tapestries – just name it! Bohemian style is glamorous and chic, so never hesitate to try a chunky gold framed mirror or ornate chandelier. The golden rule is every object in the room needs to convey a story.

Ensures comfort everywhere

Boho furniture is not generally available in stores but you can enjoy exploring local vintage shops to choose every piece individually. Boho room needs to display ‘sit & stay for a while’ feel. Therefore, choose relaxed and comfortable pieces like daybeds, butterfly chairs, pillows, ethnic footstools, poufs and chaises lounges [anything that conveys a story].

Is versatile  

Bare walls are disappearing because majority of interior designers are lately using bohemian rugs as wall hanging. Rugs designed beautifully are turning into masterpieces. Moreover, cotton rugs help to create cozy and peaceful home while adding some warmth and texture to the walls.

Types of rugs to be included in boho-style decor

In bohemian style ethnic rugs are used the most. Below are four types that stand out.

Moroccan rugs

These are handmade on looms, using sheep wool. Their color, design, and weaving technique differs. It is based on the tribes that wove them. Today, besides wool materials like nylon and other fibers are used. For example –

  • Beni Quarain rug includes geometric lines with neutral colors.
  • Boucherouite rugs use fabrics like cotton, leather, nylon strips, and wool.
  • Azilal rugs are woven from virgin wool by Berber women. They follow a tradition passed from one generation to another.


Rug is a fabric having layers of hair but kilim is one without any hair. It is designed by hand without knot and is smooth on both the sides. Therefore, these carpets are regarded as minor category because kilim don’t last as long as rugs but are beautiful.

Turkish rugs

Size of Turkish rug is thick, so they have myriads of knots. It is available in blend of fabrics like silk, cotton, and wool. Light color is natural rug color. You will find designs of stems, flowers, and curves woven with Turkish knots.

Persian rugs

Persian rugs are designed from combination of materials like cotton, wool, and silk. It includes designs like geometric, animal and vegetal. Asymmetric knot is used to woven them, which allows to create complex designs with great definition.

Mexican rugs

Sheep wool and natural dyes are used in making Mexican rugs. Zapotec weavers from Oaxaca design the rugs using symbols, which represent ancient beliefs. This indigenous tradition is handed down from generations.

Andean rugs

Actually, these are big blankets or frazadas [thick fabrics]. People residing in Andes Mountains used these to keep cold away, at night. Predominant colors like yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, and chromatic tones are seen in the rugs. In terms of designs there is the geometric shapes and spiritual symbols used in these rugs.

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