Benefits of Container Dome Shelters in Different Sectors

Distribution is essential part of manufacturing process. As soon as, good production is completed, it has to make sure that the merchandise reaches the right destination. In supply chain, space plays a huge role. It is the key factor, which impacts the efficiency of goods distribution. Fortunately, manufacturing businesses can consider container dome, which is a temporary structure that will help your company in different ways.

Maritime and shipyard workers spend lots of time facing elements. Therefore, personnel and their tools need safe and dry space. Dome containers can help shipping sector safeguard their personnel and equipment. Weather is unpredictable, so during construction or oil & gas or mining projects it is crucial to protect equipment and materials from elements.

Benefits of container dome shelters in different sectors

Improved efficiency

Temporary container shelters erected nearby will help to fulfill urgent orders efficiently. Project managers get an opportunity to enhance efficiency without possible project delays.

Durability & versatility

Shelter Station: dome type containers are generally waterproof, robust, strong and durable. It means choosing a single dome container will set a manufacturing or shipping company up for minimum ten years. Waterproof materials like PU wrappings over robust steel domes help to handle high winds, storm, and hot sunshine. It resists fading from UV rays and prevents drips & leaks. It is dust-resistant, so maintaining cleanliness is easy.

On project site dome container shelters can be employed for multiple purposes. It can be either for storage, maintenance or workshop. In shipping sector, there are sensitive cargos, which needs protection against overheating and water. With dome containers shipping sector get peace of mind for their specific cargo protection.

Cut costs

Temporary structures constructed at different location helps to cut considerable transportation costs. Considering consumer proximity as well as nearness to market area helps to decrease distribution expenses significantly. The need to construct permanent stricter gets removed thus saving overhead expenses for staff.

Portability and easy to move

Fabric covered structures with steel frame are available in refabricated kit that can be customized and delivered in a couple of weeks. Shelter gets installed in 2 to 5 days on site. Assembly time is minimal thus extra labor cost gets removed. For example, in shipping sector container domes are easy to assemble, disassemble, store, and transport, whenever required. Extra features like pre-drilled bolts make it simple to set domes at new location.


Dome container shelters are available in different sizes and shapes. Investors can find ideal product ranging from small domes to use in small projects, whereas large ones to store plenty of cargo or good ready for transportation. In manufacturing sector, manufacturers experience lack of inventory, at some point. It is basically due to lack of storage space to store ready items for distribution. Dome containers offer the necessary storage space to manufacturers, so that they can fulfill consumer demands.

Storage space control

With temporary dome structure manufacturer obtains distribution flexibility. If they need to relocate with their temporary structure they can without any concern about building ownership or long-term leases. Thus, manufacturers have their private centers offering more storage space control.

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